1. Tell us about your Ring

Describe your rings characteristics including certification if applicable

Why Upgrade?

Ever look at your engagement ring and wish it was bigger, higher quality, or more up to date? It might be time for an upgrade. The reality is that creating your dream ring can cost tens of thousands of dollars for minimal modifications. Choosing to update your ring with Crafted Gems Lab Grown diamonds is proving to be a go to for many who don't want to choose between splurging and personalizing their own diamond ring.   At Crafted Gems, we make it attainable and pride ourselves on offering the best of the best quality and trained professionals who make you feel the benefit of choosing a fourth generation jeweler. 

Lets Get Started

To begin, we have created a four step process to efficiently get you your dream piece. First, Tell us about your ring. Based on the characteristics, our diamond experts assess its value and present you with a range of items that match your specific goals. After we receive your Information, a brief phone consultation helps us understand your unique specifications and budget as well as give you a vague idea of what we can offer you. To get an exact upgrade value,  send us your item with a prepaid overnight insured label to do the last detailed checks. 

Once your upgrade value has been determined we can start the fun part, designing your custom made ring. After all the details have been finalized and perfected, you can expect your new and improved customized ring within 2-4 weeks.